What is Personal Brand Photography?

The term may be new, but it’s really a simple concept.

If you’re a business owner that wants to share more of your personality and story and life with your audience – you have a personal brand. A Personal Brand means you show your face, you share about your life, and you have topics that you connect with your clients on. It means not hiding behind your product or the work you create. It means getting personal and more vulnerable.

It’s incredibly powerful when done right.

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You’ve probably seen and fallen in love with personal brands and had no idea that was the intentional strategy behind their business. A few examples of personal brands you may recognize:

  • Joanna Gaines with Magnolia and Hearth & Hand

  • Jenna Kutcher

  • Dave Ramsey

  • Rachel Hollis

  • Marie Forleo

  • Donald Miller

  • Scott + Elise Grice with Hey Sweet Pea

  • Amy Porterfield

  • Jasmine Star

If you recognized a name on that list, can you picture their face? Do you maybe even know some aspects of their life that help you feel connected to them? Are they selling a service, product, or informational course? Has what you’ve learned about them built your trust in who they are and inclined you to buy from them someday?

We’ve all heard the principal that people buy based on who they know, like, and trust. And people always know, like, and trust a person more than a business.

Personal Brand Photography provides you with the content you need to nurture that vital connection with your audience.


What does a Personal Brand Photography session look like?

We always start with a meeting over coffee (or a video call if need be) to ask a lot of questions and get to know you and your business – from your businesses’ values and strengths to your clients’ preferences and styles to the personal stories you have that will help build your connection with them.

When planning a Personal Brand Session you’ll hear us talk about how many “stories” we’ll capture. Your stories are essentially the scenes that we’ll shoot to help you share aspects of your life and business.

Some examples of stories that a female health fitness instructor may want to document:

  • Cooking a meal in her kitchen

  • Walking to yoga class

  • Meeting with a client at a juice bar

  • Making her favorite cup of tea

  • Playing in the park with her kids

  • Working in her home office

  • Interacting with clients at her studio

  • Walking her dog

  • Morning yoga on her back porch

See the full process of how we planned a personal brand session for a web designer. >>

And the list could go on! If you choose to be one of our ongoing quarterly clients, this is the list we would return to each time, covering usually three stories each session, translating to about 60 images.

Do you have any other questions about Personal Brand Sessions we can answer? We would love to start a conversation about how to build a library full of personal content for you to share in your business!