EVERNEW PROVIDES simple and strategic PHOTOGRAPHY FOR brands that value quality over quantity, experiences over things, people over production. 

Since we got married two years ago, our goal has been to build a life and home on these values – investing in things that will last, making time for people, exploring the world and our own neighborhood, choosing to find joy right where we are today. 

+ What makes us different from other photographers?

  1. We both have backgrounds in graphic design, web design, and marketing. Why does that matter? Turns out brand photography is intricately woven with the rest of your branding and marketing, and we understand the strategy and purpose that goes into each image, design, and advertisement. We’ll make sure your images support your brand and marketing strategy as a whole.
  2. We work smart and quick. As a small team that focuses on one project at a time, we give you our full attention for a fast turnaround.
  3. Custom photography deserves a custom team. Evernew curates a team of the very best specialists to turn your brand vision into real life.

+ What is it like to work with us?

It's a collaborative process! We love getting to know you even more than we love taking photos. Consider us part of your support team as we collaborate and plan for your session together. We commit to listening to your ideas and vision and working with you to bring that vision to life.

We also care deeply about the big picture and ensuring your photography amplifies the brand you've cultivated. We plan and style your entire session with intention, so that the images seamlessly match and support your message, drawing those perfect-for-you clients.



Photographer, Client Relations, Social Media + Marketing

Lauren handles the day-to-day operations, photography, and communications, and has been running her own photography business since 2013.



Production Assistant, Bookkeeping, Planning

Ben works full time in Digital Advertising, but has come alongside Lauren to help with the logistics of shoots, finances, and big picture planning.

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